Monday, 13 November 2017

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2017

Yesterday around 12 in the afternoon rooms 1 - 12 went to the Manaiakalani Film Festival held at Sylvia Park Hoyts. Our school was with St. Pius. It was exciting for the little kids from years 1 to 3 because it was going to be their first time allowed to go to the theaters with the seniors. When all the classes got on a bus, the chatter and laughter started. My class were sharing a bus with rooms 5 and 6 and they were noisy. They kept giggling, shouting to their friends, all of those things little kids do. After what felt like a ride which felt like it took forever, we parked next to the train station. On goers would occasionally glance at us through the window and after we got off the bus as well. I scanned the area looking for the other classes to arrive.

Once all the classes were inside the mall, near the staircase and escalators to the cinema, we waited for the schools currently still there to leave so that we could enter. After enough people had walked by glaring at us and talking with their friends. We got to take the escalator since people were still going down the stairs. I could hear the kids up front talking to their friends, squealing with excitement. Inside was a Hulk and Thor statue behind some ropes that had a note attached to it to tell people to not touch or go inside the ropes. There were a ton of movie advertisements, probably because it was a movie theater. We had to line up and sit down on the soft red carpet, waiting to go to our cinema. The chatter started to build up again. The teachers then told the students to be on their best behavior and to represent the school with pride. It wasn't long before we all had to stand up again and then walk into the cinema we're supposed to be at. Inside was bright and the screen was huge. The room looked tiny since the last time we were there. The chairs looked comfy from a far which they were. You could see the VIP chairs glistening in the light. Besides from the presenters all the way at the front, we were the first school there. We were given a number up to 8 and then were told to sit at a specific seat. After a few minutes of children getting organized into a seat, St Pius showed up. All you could hear were children chatting away. One of the adults up front announced that there were five minutes left before the films started. When the five minutes were up, the lights started to dim and the younger kids started to talk like they were scared and the teachers had to shush them.

After my class's film, All About Love which was the last, someone started talking and then the lights started to slowly turn back on. When the teachers gave the students instructions, everyone started to talk. People slowly got up, had a good stretch, and then followed their teacher's instructions. Room 5, 6 and 10 got to exit and get to our bus first. It was cold and breezy outside and the leaves were rustling. We all hopped on the bus and we were taken back to school. We all excitedly ran back to class but since our teacher wasn't with us at that time, we went with Room 9. We did some PE out on the court until it was time to go home. It was an exhausting day.

My favourite film was Tamaki Primary's. Their introduction was creative and their singing was amazing!