Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Potential Friends!

Eight days ago I was sent something. A document which had to do with inquiry. Can anybody take a guess?

Nau Mai, Haere Mai, Welcome to Te Taiao o Tāmaki Quad Blogging
Thank you for registering your blog. This is an awesome opportunity for us to learn, create and share with Manaiakalani bloggers this term. All our schools have chosen a unique Te Taiao o Tāmaki  learning focus and we are looking forward to our cluster learning celebration at Te Oro, on Wednesday 12th April.

YES! I am apart of a blogging group! If you haven't already noticed, I love to join any activity that involves blogging! I have been put in a blogging group with some interesting people! (And I mean that in a good way!)
When I checked out all their blogs, I could tell how different they all were just by their posts! I then was happy about the group that I was put in!
This is my Te Taiao o Tāmaki Blogging team
Blog Address
Pt England
Glen Innes
St PiusX

The first thing I did was read the instructions.
  1. Move this Google Doc to a folder in your Google Drive
  2. Check you have created a blog post to share some information about your Te Taiao o Tāmaki learning focus. Don’t forget to include the label on your blog post...Te Taiao o Tāmaki
  1. Visit each of your buddies’ blogs and bookmark them.
  2. Choose a recent blog post and leave a blog comment to introduce yourself. Look for the Te Taiao o Tāmaki label on your buddie’s blog.
I ALMOST forgot! The reason there even is a blogging group (there's more than one just so you know) is because we're going to do something for our inquiry topic, PESTS! All the people that have been chosen will blog to their buddies and talk about what has been happening and what they've been learning.
On Wednesday the 12th of April, that is when all the participants go to Te Oro. I can not WAIT to go and meet them all in person! 

Duffy Show! (Which Happened Two Weeks Ago!)

Two week on Tuesday the 14, we had a Duffy Show. We did the same thing we did every time, line up in our class lines and wait quietly for the show to begin. This show in particular was about a kid called Duffy who helped a superhero, Super Global Girl, who was trying to stop global warming but Global Girl had dyslexia. There was a bit of chemistry and all of us were impressed, especially the little ones!

One of my favourite parts was when Global Girl and Duffy were flying and Duffy dabbed! The second one was when the fire said she was melting! Fire doesn't melt! Last but not least, the branch that kept moving away from Duffy! I actually have one more favourite part and that was when the ocean, Moana, made a pun! Nowadays I love making puns and annoying people with it so the ocean pun made me laugh way too hard than it should have! That had to one one of my favourite Duffy shows.
Goodbye for meow! (Did you see what I did there?!)

Monday, 20 February 2017

My Term One Goals

On week two of school, we had to work on our term one goals like every other year. We all had to write it in our general book or on a piece of paper if we didn't have our stationary. It took me a few tries for my writing and reading goals, but maths and general took one take! I overthink my goals a lot.

These are my goals that I want to complete before the end of the term.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Me Again!

Talofa Lava,

My name is Riiana and I am a year six student in room 10. My teacher this year is Miss Misela who I had last year but only for half a year. I am half Maori and half Samoan. I have two brothers but I am the only girl. I'm still happy at home though! I am now into drawing and trying to improve my skills so, I try to draw for an hour.

My favourite subject at school is writing because I love to write narratives. I have all these ideas in my head that want to escape and narratives are just the thing! I love to spend time to myself in my room and also love to watch anime by myself. I love sweets but have to balance it out if with healthy food if I want to stay healthy. My friends like to say that I'm the weirdest person they've met which, I take as a compliment.

For school I'm trying to improve on adding more detail to my writing and socializing with other people and for out of school, I'm trying to improve on my drawing techniques and shading.
I am hoping that this year goes well and no one loses their mind by the end of the year!