Thursday, 17 August 2017


I remember the day I got my most precious darling, Bugzy. It had shocked me a lot that day. I wasn't expecting to get a kitten at all, especially because Mum had told me we weren't allowed one.

At some point during February of this year Frank and I had to come along with Mum to a birthday party. It was being held at the Panmure Pools and it didn't start until somewhere in the afternoon. Frank and I reluctantly started packing our swimming gear once it was close to the time we had to leave the house. We were taking years to gather our things. It wasn't even that difficult. The whole time I was complaining about being forced to go but, it was in my mind. Since Mum realised we were taking so long, she decided to heat up the car and that got us moving quicker. Of course, I beat him at getting organised. We all hopped in the car and drove off, heading for the Panmure Pools.

Once we arrived, we got our wristbands to allow entry and to go on the slide. We strolled through the gates, leading to the outside pools. Mum was trying to find where her friend was at while Frank and I were just following her. The outside area isn't that big so it didn't take very long to find them. We could see her friend and her family were sitting near this little wooden picnic table in the front of the entrance to the slide. They had a barbecue going and some drinks, along with the cake and some snacks. Frank and I decided to have a race to see who got changed the fastest. We both speed walked all the way back to the gate we had come through, and then made a turn to the right and it was on. The girls changing room was closer so of course I was ahead. It was very empty and you could hear your footsteps slap against the cold, solid floor. I could feel a draft from time to time as well. I made a run for one of the stalls to get changed, not expecting to see a woman standing there doing whatever. That startled me a lot. I managed to get in one, lock it and place the bag on the door handle without causing too much noise. After struggling to take my jumper off, I chucked my shoes in the bag where the towel and my togs, which are now on me, were. I unlocked the door and darted out of a different entrance, looking around to try and find Frank. I couldn't see him so I continued on. I made it to the table with all the people, with Frank being in second place. To start the day off properly, Frank and I both headed for the huge giant blue slide which you wouldn't be able to miss.

A couple hours has passed by then and I was in the outside pool hanging out with Shakaia. That's when I noticed my mum holding a little furry buddy. It was as black as the night but eyes shiny gold, not able to miss. She walked towards me with the kitty and said with a straight face, "This is your cat. You better take care of it." Or something like that. Shakaia then announced that she had to go now so she left the pool and trotted off. I swam to the nearest wall, hopped onto it and then headed towards Mum. I was more than excited to be able to hug the cat and keep one for myself! I dried myself with my towel I had brought and then asked if I could hold the cat. He was in a box and was being fed some of the snacks there were. I don't remember the exact things he ate but I do remember that he was eating.

More hours have passed and I was in the car with the cat sitting in a small, cardboard box, on my lap. We went a few places before we actually went home. We went to Countdown and people were amazed at how a tiny kitty was sitting at the front of the car, blocking the view. Next we went to Carl's Jr. While Mum was inside a family walked by the car and Bugzy was still in the same position, in the same spot as he was when we went to Countdown. They gave a stare and a smile at the kitty. We finally got back home and I decided to hang out with my kitty.  I got the honor of naming him so I named him Bugzy. Nowadays he's very energetic and playful.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Moving Out?

A certain memory I love to think about from time to time is when I got to sleep in a separate room from my brother. It started off with a casual conversation with my mother a few years back. She was asking me if I thought I was tired of sharing a room with someone. I told her I was fed up so that's when she decided to give me the option. I was extremely excited. Frank sure wasn't ready to let me leave though. He kept trying to reason with Mum but she kept telling him that it was my decision.
After that day had passed, Mum started pulling things out of my now old but back then new room. Of course, I had to clean up the mess from under my bed and then pack up the things which I wanted to bring along. "That took forever!" My kid self thought. Mum had spent a lot of time on taking out one of the items. Once she had finished taking everything out, she then had to move all of my belongings and furniture in.
After that I hung out in my room for a little bit and then went back to the lounge.