Tuesday, 17 September 2019

😋 Lesson 3 - Lasagna 😋

Today we made lasagna.

- Big pot
- Pan
- Wooden spoon
- Colander
- Serving plate

- Lasagna
- Pasta sauce
- Cheese
- Spices
- Oil
- Mince

1) Boil the lasagna with two cups of water until it is soft.
2) Cook mince until it is cooked and then add sauce, spices and cheese.
3) Pour into baking tin.
4) Bake it until cheese melts.
5) Take it out and serve it.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

😋 Lesson 2 - English Breakfast 😋

For this session we made English breakfast.

- Pan
- Small pot
- Spatula
- Serving Plate
- Tongs

- Oil
- 2 Sausages
- 2 pieces of ham
- 2 pieces of bread
- 2 eggs
- Baked beans

1) Oil the pan.
2) Fry bacon, sausages and eggs.
3) Place the 2 pieces of bread on a tray and leave it in the oven until golden brown.
4) Warm up baked beans in the small pot.
5) Serve on a plate.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

😋 First Cooking Lesson of 2019! 😋

At tech we made tuna salad. A little fact we were told, every group had to start with tuna salad because this was the recipe that taught us five skills in one lesson; how to slice and dice four different vegetables and one fruit.

Ingredients & Items
- Big bowl
- Pan
- Wooden spoon
- Pasta
- Mayonnaise
- Onion, red pepper, capsicum, carrot, tomato
- Serving plate

1) Boil pasta with 2 1/2 c of cold water until it is soft.
2) Drain under cold water using the colander.
3) Dice the onion and red pepper.
4) Mix all vegetables with mayonnaise.
5) Serve on white plate and take a photo.

Monday, 2 September 2019

Weekend Recount

Last Saturday my friends and I had a sleepover at my house. We picked up my friends and wasted no time driving to Rainbows End.

When we arrived and had bought our park pass we dashed towards the stratosfear and lined up for the extreme. When our time arrived we hopped on and we hadn't even buckled in our seats and we were already cracking jokes. Up in the air Jessica and Leanah were still cracking jokes, unable to breathe. 

The ride came to a stop and we hopped off, going to the store to grab some hot chips. The rest of the day was spent rushing to other rides then back to the stratosfear. 

When the park came to a close we drove back to my house before going out to Denny's for dinner. Then when we had enough we went back to my house and played with board games.

This has had to have been one of the best weekends!

Tuesday, 27 August 2019


How well did I do in completing all of the things that I needed to do for this project?
1) The design ideas?
I think that my design ideas are mediocre.

2) The Final Choice?
Out of all my design ideas I think that this was the best idea for me.

3) The working drawing?
I had a few problems with marking the working drawing but once things were sorted it was extremely helpful.

4) The marking out?
I mucked it up the first time by using a normal ruler. Of course, it was fixed and I went onto sawing.

5) The sawing?
I had difficulty with this part. I was struggling to saw it and when I did it was crooked.

6) The chiseling?
Aside from being nervous, this stage went fine.

7) The assembly?
It was fun putting it together.

Looking at what you have produced,
1) Does it work?
It does a perfect job at holding pencils.

2) Does it look good?
I think it does.

[Thank you to Winnie for helping me to take this photo]

3) Is there anything that you would change if you were to make the same project again?
I would make sure that I cut my wood straight and I would drill in the holes before I glued it together.

4) Is there anything else you wish to say about it?
Besides how I happy I am with this, no.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

The Step Process of My Project

Step 1. I used a ruler and the piece of wood I am going to make my project out of to make a full size working drawing of my pencil holder.

Step. 2 I used a tri-square and a ruler to copy the measurements from my drawing onto the wood.

Step. 3 I marked a square line at 90° across and along the sides using a tri-square.

Step. 4 I cut off the first piece of wood using a backed saw and a bench hook to keep it in place. I didn't have enough wood so Sir gave me a second piece.

Step. 5 Next I marked out two joints using a pencil and a tri-square.

Step. 6 Sir used a marking gauge to mark out where the joints would end.

Step. 7 I then cut along the lines using the saw and a bench hook.

Step. 8 I realised I had cut crookedly so I sandpapered the sides, not helping the problem.

Step. 9 The next week I took my project to Sir and he cut it for me along with gluing in my joint.

Step. 10 After gluing in the joint he cut out a thin piece of wood and nailed it to the bottom.

Step. 11 I waited for half an hour.

Step. 12 The next week I took my project back to Sir and we marked out the holes for the pencils.

Step. 13 He then drilled the holes and gave it back to me.

Step. 14 I sandpapered the fuzzy bits and then marked out small crosses on the side.

Step. 15 I took my project back to Sir and he drilled out holes where the crosses were.

Step. 16 He then smoothed out the edges.

Step. 17 My project was returned to me once again and I sandpapered it for the last time.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Wero Whitewater Trip no. 2

Today was our third trip of the year! We had the chance to go back to Wero Whitewater Park and try out kayaking.

When we got on water the first thing I did was almost tip over. We had spent a few minutes hanging around the beginning trying to get used to paddling. In that time more than five people had fallen overboard. 

Once it was time to paddle to the other side of the course, a bunch more kids fell. We had to go through minor obstacles. When we arrived to the other side there were a few kids still struggling so we had to wait for them. In the meantime the rest of us were paddling around in a circle.

Our last task was to get back to the beginning and for no one to fall over.

At the start of the week I hadn't expected kayaking to be this fun. I thoroughly enjoyed this session.