Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Power Of Imagination!

Imagine, you had the power to create a new holiday but it had to be a holiday that had a purpose, a strong reason as to why it should exist. Not just so you can stay home and not do any work or do nothing, but to enjoy a day with or without people. I would create a holiday called Visiting Sights. A creative name, I know.

The name mentions it all but if you haven't caught on, this holiday is about visiting sights. It doesn't matter if it's just a house or a lake, The reason I would create a holiday like that is because I want the people of Japan to be proud of what has become of their home. I want them to be thankful for all the things that have been created so, they have to visit places and think about the times they spent there or if they haven't visited a certain place they can just sightsee. So much fun! That is all the holiday would be about. What would your holiday be about and what would your reason be?


Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Riiana!

This is a very creative idea - I love it! I think that it's so important that we cherish the beautiful 'sights' that we have and not take them for granted. I am confident that the people of Japan will feel the same as they have some truly spectacular natural landmarks and architectural wonders.

The temples are amazing and they are often located right beside large shopping malls or in the middle of huge urban centres. I hope that the people of Japan take the time to preserve their historical buildings and ensure that they aren't replaced by unattractive, modern shops!

Riiana, I think that your idea of introducing a holiday called 'Visiting Sights' is very clever and very timely. Great thinking!

I will look forward to reading your next, creative post!


Mark Barlow said...

Kia ora Riiana!

I quite like your idea for your holiday. It is important to appreciate where we are from. When I visited Japan I met lots of locals who had traveled all over the country, this is because of the incredibly extensive rail networks and punctual buses. It is relatively easy for people who live in the city to get out of it via public transport instead of having to jump in a car and drive for hours in traffic.

But I also found many people that simply stay in one place due to work or family commitments, so like us, there are people from all over the spectrum living there.

If I had a holiday it would be "Help Day" and it would be a day where everyone had to help someone that isn't either family or close friends. It could be something simple like keeping the lonely old lady company for a day, or working on their garden or home, or it could be as extensive as installing insulation and fixing windows in a poor families home somewhere, or as small as giving some lunch to a homeless person.

If everyone did that we could make new connections with people we might not normally hang out with, and the world might be a friendlier place.

What do you think of my holiday idea?


Riiana said...

Hello Mark!

I think that is a wonderful idea for a holiday! Everyone can feel special and feel like they have a role to play. Have you ever helped someone and get a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart?

Mark Barlow said...

Hi Riiana!

Absolutely, I try to do it every day. This is one of the reasons I am a teacher. Helping a student learn, or helping them realise their love to learn is very important to me.

I hope you continue to want to learn as much as you can, all through high school and into university. Loving to learn is what helps people become successful, even in the face of defeat they will learn from mistakes.

I hope you understand what I am trying to say : )


Tania said...

Kia ora Riiana,
I have just come back from my holiday this week and decided to check out your blog again. Great to see that you have 5 posts already for January on the Summer Learning Journey! Like Mark, I think your idea is impressive. We really do need to know all about our own special place to appreciate where we live. I live in Northland and always take time to visit our very special beaches and take my friends there too when they come to stay. I also like going for bush walks and love that they are all through our city. What are the special places that you like in Auckland?

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