Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Day 3 Week 1: Imagine If...

This activity involves imagination. What you have to imagine is being a child from the 8000s with 9 siblings and how you would have felt.

If I was a born into a family of nine I would feel awkward and annoyed. The awkwardness would be because of so many people in one household and all the conversations. The thing that would annoy me the most is that there would so many people. Peace and quiet might not happen for a while.


billyslj said...

Hey there Rianna 👋 (I just learnt how to do the waving emoji!)

I enjoyed reading your opinion on what it would be like to have 9 siblings. I think I would have to agree with you, I would feel awkward too. It would be cramped with so many people in one house. You're right there would be too many conversations, it would be like everyone was fighting to get a chance to speak.

I too enjoy peace and quiet, and I don't think you would get that with so many people because you probably wouldn't have your own bedroom or your own space.

I teach a set of twins at a school that have seven brothers and sisters so they know what it is like. Luckily for them their siblings are quiet and nice to each other so I think it works quite well.

Do you have any or many siblings?

Thanks, look forward to hearing back from you.

Riiana said...

Hi Billy,

I have two brothers, one's 26 and the other is 10. I also have two nieces and nephews. When they're here it gets pretty hectic.

Rachel Williams said...

Hi Riiana and Billy,

Wow, it sounds like it will be really hectic at your house this year, Riiana! I grew up with only one sister so our house was always pretty quiet, even during the holidays! Do you like the noise, Riiana, and all of the excitement and energy that comes from having a lot of people in the house?

I hope that you're still able to find some time to blog with us throughout the holiday. I really enjoy reading your posts and learning new things from you.

I wish that I could master the waving emoji, like Billy, but I haven't quite figured that one out yet so I'll have to settle for an old-school smile :-)

See you online again soon, I hope!

Rachel :)

Vedel @ Glen Innes School said...

Hi Riiana
I am Vedel and I go to Glen Innes School.. What fantastic work you have done!!! What was your least favourite part about this activity???

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