Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Beautiful Botanic Gardens

              Beautiful Auckland Botanic Gardens

On Thursday the 13th of October which was a beautiful sunny day, we went to the Auckland Botanic Gardens. Everyone except Mrs Vickers went on a bus. We were staying there for two hours. People were chatting about what flowers they were going to see and what they were going to smell,feel and hear.

Once we arrived each classroom was off, ready to explore and learn all about the flowers they could find. We saw a sculpture of a lady getting into a fighting position, the branches moving in the air and a fountain called spiral. We were all amazed at how beautiful the fountain looked. Then we saw the edible garden which had nothing inside yet, a few plants and a couple common flowers. We were heading to the native section and saw a few dog owners. One had a cute and scary puppy.

We were strolling through the native section and I was just staring at plants and signs blankly while following everyone else. I wasn’t bored I was just amazed at the plants and especially the web. It looked like a spider created it but it was too thick to look like a spiders web.

We took an hour in the native section then reached the blossom area near a huge lake and the rose garden. I was shocked at how amazing the blossom trees looked when they were next to each other. For some reason it reminded me of a game called yandere simulator.

When we visited the rose garden I was on shock because there were so many beautiful flowers. My favourite was the chestnut rose because it was so big and it had a nice shade of pink. Me and a few other people had fun observing the flowers. The next place we went was where the magnolias and camellias were.

There were so many beautiful flowers and plants especially the magnolias. When ever I heard the sound of the water rushing I felt calm and relaxed. After we left the magnolia area we went to the kids garden and sketched. I drew a girl wearing an eye patch. Then we went back to the bus.

I had an awesome and tiring day at the botanical gardens.