Thursday, 30 March 2017

Clocks Again!

I was suppose to finish and post this last week but I guess I never got around to doing it.

This was the last activity to do with time and also the last time we'd learn about time. This week we are now learning about proportions and ratios. What I've learned about proportions so far is that they're like fractions. Ratios are about the amount so say that there are five boys in the class and four girls in the class. It would like this, 5:4.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How To...

WALT write a successful procedure.

Success Criteria: 
I will state my goal in the beginning of my writing.

I will be able to write a successful procedure.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Bitten By Common Annoying Pests

Last week on Monday the 13th we had to write an explanation about what happens before and after we're bitten by a pests. You got to choose which pest to write about, you could even have more than one. I chose to write about fleas and mosquitoes. Friday was supposed to be the last day but our teacher is so nice, she gave us an extra day! I don't like writing explanations but hey, at least I got this finished! 

You’ll probably be minding your own business, wandering around and then you’ll hear buzzing right next to your ear and think nothing of it. A few minutes later you’ll see a red bump and feel itchy or you’ll just be scratching at your head. There are so many insects waiting for you and you don’t know when they’re going to strike! I’ve been struck by fleas many times because of my cute, adorable kitten. After you’ve been bitten, you’ll be scratching at a red lump in the hope of it going away but nope! More will appear after the first one, well, that’s what happens to me! If you try to resist then it will get noticeable and will be the only thing you’ll think about. Scratching might not be the best idea in the world though. Some itchy bites start bleeding if you scratch them too many times and some might become infected and swell up. Mosquitoes like to live in tall grass and bushes near our homes waiting for us. They’d also live near places with water to help them live. Fleas like to live in our homes, on animals and even us! If you have a pet or pets, that will make it easier for the fleas to get to you. Mosquitoes are just annoying. You can slap and spray them to get rid of them. For a flea, you can pop its head, flea bomb the house or clean your pets. Thirdly, lice start sucking a small amount of blood from you, less than mosquitoes. If you want to know if you have lice or you feel like you have them then, clean your hair with nit shampoo and comb your hair. To know if you have lice is the itchiness, them biting us causes an allergic reaction. Now, you might not feel itchy right away but later on you’ll start scratching your head, ears and even neck! If a mosquito bites you, you have a chance to get the zika virus. Sometimes you’ll start showing symptoms and sometimes you won’t. You can treat this but not get rid of it.
You have been warned. Use these tips to see if you have any pests lying around! Remember, they’ll be hiding waiting to get to you, your house or pet. It’s not always that easy to make pests “disappear,” so make sure you know what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Maths - Time

For maths we are currently working on time. Maths isn't my greatest strength and time definitely isn't either but I tried and it was fun decorating my answers.

I'm planning to do some work at home when I get the chance just to improve.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

A Weird Obsession

For inquiry we had to write a description about our desired pest and I chose a rabbit! I have an obsession with rabbits that I didn’t even know I had! We had to create a poster with a picture of a pest and I said rabbit, we also had to write a description about a pest and I chose a rabbit! This is a short presentation.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Tweet Tweet!

The past Wednesdays we've been doing art with our Wednesday teacher, Mrs Hoeberigs. Lately, we've been drawing New Zealand's native birds. I drew an owl but, I copied it from a book. I think it turned out pretty good, so good that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference! Out of all seriousness though, I really am proud of my drawing! The next step, painting!