Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Week 2 Bonus 2: Crossing the Tasman

The place we all know,
Where the poppies all grow,
Was once filled with sorrow
I am at home
now all grown.
I see the smiles of my family,
It makes me feel love.
My eyes have tears
Since all my fears are gone
And I was able to stay strong.

Week 2 Bonus 1: In Flanders Field

This poem make makes me feel happy that people were willing to sacrifice their life for their country. It also makes me feel bad that some didn't get to see the battle through to the end as well as their family's smiles. I liked that poem. 

Week 1 Bonus 4: Musicial Festivals - Matatini

My ranking and reasons on the three songs, Tamatea Arikinui, Te Iti Kahurangi and Te Puku o Te Ika.

Tamatea Arikinui at #3 Becuase the men dominate the women voices. Other than that everything was fine.

Te Puku o Te Ika at #2 The harmonies were even and the rhythm was good.

Te Iti Kahurangi at #1 because of their three-part harmonies on point. They also had powerful lead vocalist. You could feel all their emotion being poured into their singing.

Week 1 Bonus 3: Fun Family Facts

Here are two fun facts about three people close to me!

Two fun facts about Leanah is that she's a very bright person. She's also an anime fan so watch out! 

During summer Jessica loves to jam out to her music and draw outside.

Last but not least is my mum. She loves to do strengthening and conditioning at Strength Tech. She loves to read as well.

Week 1 Bonus 2: Special Meal

My favourite meal would have to be nachos and mince with sour cream and cheese! I love it because you can crush the nachos and mix it with the mince, cheese and sour cream which adds a lovely flavour.

Picture Link

Week 1 Bonus 1: Waka Ama

I would like to participate in a Waka Ama race to develop coordination and teamwork skills along with confidence. My mother also said that it would be good for me to develop upper body strength because my mother likes working on her upper body strength. I also love the water.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Day 2: Dream Job

When I get older I would love to become a writer!

Day 3 Week 1: Imagine If...

This activity involves imagination. What you have to imagine is being a child from the 8000s with 9 siblings and how you would have felt.

If I was a born into a family of nine I would feel awkward and annoyed. The awkwardness would be because of so many people in one household and all the conversations. The thing that would annoy me the most is that there would so many people. Peace and quiet might not happen for a while.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Activity 2: A Letter

Hello friend,

It felt like forever out on that sea! The sea kept pushing our waka side to side not to mention out of nowhere a storm had arrived. We all got drenched! After the storm had passed there was a ray of sun shining down on our waka! It felt wonderful! In the distance I spotted an island and what I thought were bright red feathers but as we got closer I realised that they were pohutakawai trees! We started to speed up our paddling and it wasn't long until we had arrived! The island looked more beautiful up close. At the beginning of the voyage I was nervous but the reward at the end made up for it.

Day 1 Week 1: Maui

I can't believe that it's already December! It's the time of year for Christmas and the Summer Learning Journey. For the first activity you have to read a story about Maui from the link provided on the website. After that you have to write three facts you've learnt about Maui.

Maui, a famous man from Maori mythology is a very interesting character. He's been on a ton of adventures, some with his brothers and others by himself. Three new things I've learned about Maui is that his character has the traits of a leader. He's a very courageous man and he's pretty sneaky. Other stories I've heard of with Maui are Maui and the Sun, How Maui got fire, How Maui brought death to people and Maui and his magic jaw bone.