Monday, 23 January 2017

Story Time Featuring Animals From The Zoo!

I had just entered the zoo when, all of a sudden, I saw a panda sitting there eating bamboo, completely ignoring all the people around it. After that I noticed the red panda exhibit. I observed the trees trying to find a red panda. I was never good at finding them because they're so small, so I had to rely on my best friend to point it out. It took a while to find a red panda but I finally spoted one! It was hiding in one of the trees to the top right corner, what a sneaky panda! After that I thought to myself "Hey! There should be polar bears here, I need to find them!" so I went searching and while searching for the baboon enclosure I stumbled upon the flamingos. Gorgeous creatures they are! I remember an interesting fact I read a few months ago. It said that flamingos feathers are actually grey, they're the colour they are because of the pigments in their food. I just stared at them, admiring their beauty.

After getting my thoughts together, I told myself to stop getting sidetracked or else the zoo will close and I wouldn't have gotten the chance to see the polar bears and capybaras. I started walking down a path listening to the noises the animals were making, surprisingly, I found that peaceful. After a while of listening to the animals and people I decided to try and finally find the polar bear and capybara exhibit since I have never seen either of them up close. I thought that would be a good idea so I looked up trying to find a sign that said "Polar bears this way" or "Capybaras that way" and I ran into the polar bear sign first. I followed the sign to where it was pointing and I saw one. I saw a polar up against the glass interacting with two kids who were the only ones there. I was staring at the polar bear's nose. I just wanted to go and touch it. I walked up to the glass and just stood there. The polar bear turned to look at me and star blanky. I put my hand on the glass and it did the same. We were technically touching hands. The two kids left, one of the zoo employees announced over the speakers that it was close to closing time and then we were left alone. We stared into each others eyes for a few minutes maybe, five to eight? It got too quiet so I decided to say "Hi." The polar bear still stared at me. I felt like it was trying to tell me something and I just wasn't catching on. Right before that polar bear was going to do something, the same person that announced the last message over the speaker told the remaining visiters to leave, and so I did.

I didn't get the chance to see the capybaras but I did get the chance to make a potential friend!


Rachel Williams said...

Wow, Riiana - This is such a well written story. Nicely done! You have incorporated personal anecdotes, thoughts and action into a single story with a clear beginning, middle and ending.

I particularly enjoyed reading about the pigmentation of the flamingos. I had no idea that their feathers were naturally grey. I'll have to go and do some more reading about them. I will also have to go and learn more about capybaras. I can honestly say that I hadn't heard of capybaras until you mentioned them in your story. How did you first learn about them? Did you talk about them at school or learn about them through your family or friends?

Either way, you have taught me a lot today. Thank you so much!

I can't wait to read your next blog and learn more interesting facts about the world.

Rachel :)

Von said...

Hi there Riiana,

I am Von a year 7 student from S.P.X school. I found your story truly fascinating. I have to say that writing sorties suits you and you also suit writing stories. When I read your continuing sentence it drawn me in and that I could not take a break but to keep reading it.. and I have to say that that's what good writers do.. they want their story to draw peoples attention and you did it very easily so well done.

Fantastic work and Keep up the great writing!

Riiana said...

Hello Racheal,

I've heard of capybaras from an anime called Noragami. I thought they looked pretty weird and the I thought the name was pretty weird too!

Rachel Williams said...

Hi Riiana,

The name really is quite weird, I completely agree! I'll have to check out the anime that you've listed. I've never watched 'Noragami' before.

Rachel :)

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