Sunday, 1 January 2017

Would I Like To Be Prime Minister

Now, if I was the prime minister of New Zealand, I would reconsider. Being a prime minister is a HUGE responsibilty. I'd have to attend meetings, , make desicions. I would not be fit for that role especially the desicions part. I'm not good at making desicions even if they're simple. I would stress out and feel the pressure getting to me maybe get a few headaches. These are my reasons to why I wouln't want to be prime minister.


Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Riiana,

I completely understand and can relate to your blog about becoming the Prime Minister of New Zealand. I would also feel quite stressed and anxious about the responsibility associated with taking on the role as 'commander and chief' of a country.

I really respect others, like John Key and Bill English (the new prime minister of New Zealand), who have run for office and been elected. I also respect their families who offer to share their husbands/fathers/uncles/grandfathers with the rest of the country. It must be hard for them.

I really appreciated your thoughtful response and your careful consideration of this question. You showed very good reasoning skills, Riiana.

Way to go!!

Keep up the great work :)


Jessica said...

Hi Riiana,

I totally agree with you. Being the Prime Minister of New Zealand would be a big responsibility. I would feel very anxious.

Von said...

Hi Riiana,

My name is Von and I'm a year 7 student from S.P.X school. I like your reasons to why you don't want to be the prime minister of NZ.. and yes It would be a hard and responsible Job to be a prime minister.

Great work and keep it Up!

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