Monday, 20 February 2017

My Term One Goals

On week two of school, we had to work on our term one goals like every other year. We all had to write it in our general book or on a piece of paper if we didn't have our stationary. It took me a few tries for my writing and reading goals, but maths and general took one take! I overthink my goals a lot.

These are my goals that I want to complete before the end of the term.


Ms G said...

Good Goals

Akesa Misela said...

Hi Riiana, these goals look practical. Good choice. I hope you feel like you have achieved them by the end of the term. Well done! said...

Hi Riiana!

Wow do you think you will achieve your goals by the end of the term. Nah just joking I really miss Ruapotaka school a lot. What colour house are you in. Email me when you can.

By Shakaia

Riiana said...

Hello Shakaia!

I'm in Kikorangi with Peni. I think I can complete all of my goals if I try.

Mikaela said...

Hi Riiana,
I like how you explained how you had to write your goals every other year. I think your goals were very different to each other and how you said in your reading goal that you would think before you acted. I think you should’ve left out some detail before posting your blog. Mikaela

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