Sunday, 13 August 2017

Moving Out?

A certain memory I love to think about from time to time is when I got to sleep in a separate from my brother. It started off with a casual conversation with my mother a few years back. She was asking me if I thought I was tired of sharing a room with someone. I told her I was fed up so that's when she decided to give me the option. I was extremely excited. Frank sure wasn't ready to let me leave though. He kept trying to reason with Mum but she kept telling him that it was my decision.
After that day had passed, Mum started pulling things out of my now old but back then new room. Of course, I had to clean up the mess from under my bed and then pack up the things which I wanted to bring along. "That took forever!" My kid self thought. Mum had spent a lot of time on taking out one of the items. Once she had finished taking everything out, she then had to move all of my belongings and furniture in.
After that I hung out in my room for a little bit and then went back to the lounge.

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