Wednesday, 16 November 2016

An Earthquake Occurs

                          An Earthquake Occurs

After the earthquake that hit Hanmer Springs which was felt in the south and north islands people were left in shock. The first and most horrific earthquake was a 7.5 magnitude on the Richter scale. A lot of people were confused because of how long the earthquake went on but the first one was followed by two mini ones.

Kaikoura and Wellington were the main places affected. A lot of tragic accidents have happened like two people have died in Kaikoura and Mt Lyford and Kaikoura has been flooded because a tsunami. A small amount of people a being flown out by a helicopter. Kaikouras drinking water has been cut off as well so they’re running low but luckily shipments are coming in to give them supplies to survive.

The tsunami that hit Kaikoura was caused by the 7.5 earthquake that hit on Monday 14 November. Here are a few tips if there is a tsunami coming.

  1. If you know there is a tsunami coming, don’t wait for sirens or anything like that.
  2. If you’re near the shore, plan an escape route.
  3. Never stay to watch a tsunami come in.
  4. Know the signs of a tsunami like the the shore being empty.
  5. Go straight to higher ground or inland, away from all the water.

I hope those four tips helped. Stay safe and be aware.

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