Sunday, 17 December 2017

Activity 2: A Letter

Hello friend,

It felt like forever out on that sea! The sea kept pushing our waka side to side not to mention out of nowhere a storm had arrived. We all got drenched! After the storm had passed there was a ray of sun shining down on our waka! It felt wonderful! In the distance I spotted an island and what I thought were bright red feathers but as we got closer I realised that they were pohutakawai trees! We started to speed up our paddling and it wasn't long until we had arrived! The island looked more beautiful up close. At the beginning of the voyage I was nervous but the reward at the end made up for it.


billyslj said...

Hey there Riiana, what a beautiful letter you have written to your friend. I like the descriptive language you have used to describe the sea, the storm and the sun. It makes it wonderful to read. You are very talented and should keep up the writing. I look forward to blogging with you this summer.

How do you think the travelers felt once they saw land?

Thanks, Billy

Riiana said...

Hey Billy!

I think the travelers would have been relieved and excited. Relieved to get off the boat and excited to explore new land.

billyslj said...

Hey Riiana, that's a good point. Imagine if they arrived and the weather was terrible. Much worse than back in the sunny islands. They might feel they had made a big mistake? I suppose they would have to start building a shelter straight away. It would exciting but certainly scary too.


Vedel @ Glen Innes School said...

Hola Riiana
I'm Vedel from Glen Innes School.. You have some very great ideas in your story... As I was reading I could imagine everything that was happening... I could also feel the emotions you wrote down... What was your favourite thing to do while you were on the waka???

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