Thursday, 30 March 2017

Clocks Again!

I was suppose to finish and post this last week but I guess I never got around to doing it.

This was the last activity to do with time and also the last time we'd learn about time. This week we are now learning about proportions and ratios. What I've learned about proportions so far is that they're like fractions. Ratios are about the amount so say that there are five boys in the class and four girls in the class. It would like this, 5:4.


Malia said...

Do you like practising time?

Riiana said...

No not really Malia but I have to so that I can improve!

Mikaela said...

Hi Riiana I like the way you have been learning about Clocks and that you have been posting from time to time. I think that you should post more about different things.

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