Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Duffy Show! (Which Happened Two Weeks Ago!)

Two week on Tuesday the 14, we had a Duffy Show. We did the same thing we did every time, line up in our class lines and wait quietly for the show to begin. This show in particular was about a kid called Duffy who helped a superhero, Super Global Girl, who was trying to stop global warming but Global Girl had dyslexia. There was a bit of chemistry and all of us were impressed, especially the little ones!

One of my favourite parts was when Global Girl and Duffy were flying and Duffy dabbed! The second one was when the fire said she was melting! Fire doesn't melt! Last but not least, the branch that kept moving away from Duffy! I actually have one more favourite part and that was when the ocean, Moana, made a pun! Nowadays I love making puns and annoying people with it so the ocean pun made me laugh way too hard than it should have! That had to one one of my favourite Duffy shows.
Goodbye for meow! (Did you see what I did there?!)

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Akesa Misela said...

It was a very interesting play with added humor. Duffy was definitely entertaining. The science experiments were really exciting for me!

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