Wednesday, 28 June 2017

One Of My Favourite Series

This term Leanah and I have been reading a fictional story called Inna Furey. This is a five series book and the first one, the book we read, is about a girl named Leanne who met a girl named Inna Furey. Inna had two sides to her, a bird and a human. Leanne had to complete a lot of tasks to free the bird Inna from the human one. She didn't do this alone though. She was accompanied by a woman who goes by the name Miss Peck. The girl, Inna, has now been separated from the bird Inna and is now spending a lot time with Leanne, her best friend.


Mikaela said...

Hi Riiana,
I like how you shared somethings about the book series that you have started to read. I can tell that you are enjoying reading this book and are/is going to continue to read the book series one after the other.

Rachel Williams said...

Kia ora Riiana,

Happy holidays! I hope that you are having a very well deserved break with your family and friends. Once you've recovered and have time, please feel free to join us for the Winter Learning Journey blogging programme. You have always been such a great addition to the programme :)

I'm really looking forward to blogging with you again soon.

Until then, take care!

Rachel :)

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