Monday, 10 July 2017

Facts That Have Caught My Eye!

I am currently on school break and I have decided to participate in the Winter Learning Journey! For the first activity we have to visit this website and read some facts about New Zealanders. We then have to share three facts that we read about and put them in our own words.

1) As of right now, there are 4. 4 million people living in New Zealand and 69% are of European descent.

2) Three quarters of the population live in the North island.

3) Us New Zealanders love the outdoors and the water! 


Rachel Williams said...

Hi Riiana and welcome back to the Winter Learning Journey blogging programme! I am SOOOO excited that you have joined us again this year. (I really hoped that you would join us and have actually been checking your site every day to see if you have joined the programme yet!)

I think that you have selected three very good facts about New Zealand. It is interesting to me that 69% of the current NZ population is of European descent. I would have expected the number to be quite a bit lower. What about you?

I also found it interesting that three quarters of the population live in the North island of New Zealand. It certainly explains why Auckland is such a busy city and the traffic issues are so significant, doesn't it? Sometimes it can take me over an hour to drive from my house in Titirangi to work in Epsom. Crazy!

I really hope that you will continue to blog with us this holiday!


Lusia Pahulu said...

Hi Riiana,
My Name is Lusia and I'm a year 8 Student from St Pius X Catholic School.
I love the amazing facts about New Zealand that you put in! Specific and in your own words!
Keep it up!
Lusia Pahulu

Sosiua said...

good explanation on the winter learning journey

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