Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Day 3 Week 2: Stress

When I'm stressed I rant to my friends over discord whether they're online or off. I also either watch some videos off of YouTube or listen to some music with the volume of the headphones pretty high.

One tip I could give for dealing with stress is to have some you time. Spend some time by yourself for a bit and do what makes you comfortable.


Willy L. said...

Hi Riiana!

Willy here! These are some good tips for dealing with stress - it's good to talk to someone about it, to let it out and sort it out, also very good to take the time to think about it - with the presence of mind, you can get through anything.

With the music, it's also another great thing to do, music can really help. Always keep in mind, though, that listening to loud music for long periods of time can cause issues in the long run! So be careful!

Otherwise, a great post! Good luck for school next week!


Riiana said...

Hello Willy! Thank you for the caution and luck!

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