Friday, 22 July 2016

Day Three Archery Skills


It's an old sport, still a famous sport today you guessed it, ARCHERY
Archery is an old sport from the Egyptians. The Egyptians used bows and arrows for hunting. Archery debuted which means first appearancesc at the 1900 Olympics, in Paris and France. In 1904, it became one of the first Olympic sports to include woman.
The Aim Of Archery

The goal for archery is to shoot 10 rings 48 inches across and a gold ring worth a maximum 10 points.
Two Main Archery Rules
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1.The competers most shoot arrows as close as they can near the center of a target shooting from 230 feet away.
2.You need to have great skill, accuracy and nerve.

Archery sounds like a really exciting sport that I would enjoy but need a few weeks to practice. I hope you have learnt a few things about archery.

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