Saturday, 31 December 2016

Hillary Who

The Hillary who I will be "facting" (Yes, I did make that up) is none other than Hillary Clinton, the woman running for president against Donald Trump and others.
Hillary Clinton is an American politician. She moved to Arkansas and married Bill Clinton, then had a daughter called Chelsea Clinton who has children of her own. Hillary was born on October 26 1947. Last fact of Hillary is that her whole name is Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. If you want to learn more about Hillay Clinton, like I've said so many times in other posts, go on google. Talk to you next post!

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Rachel Williams said...

Hi Riiana!

I think that I might just have to borrow your new word, "Facting." It sounds quite good!

I think that you have identified three really interesting facts in this post. Hillary D. R. Clinton really is a fascinating woman. If she had been elected president she would have become the first ever woman to be elected to the post in the United States and the first person to ever hold the titles of "President" and "First Lady" of the United States in the history of the country.

Pretty cool facts, 'eh?! Now we can add them to your list. If I come across any other interesting facts while I am "facting" on Google, I will let you know :)

Talk soon,
Rachel :)

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