Friday, 30 December 2016

What If I Was The Prime Minister

If I was the prime minister of New Zealand I would create three laws (rules) that I would like. Number one being, parents have to treat their children to dinner when they do atleast four of their chores, so all restaurants and takeaways prices would be free for ONLY children. Second would be that before children go to bed, they have to hug their parents or whoever is looking after them, so that they should others affection. Lastly, when you go out in public, you have to compliment one person. I think these laws benefit everyone.
What do you think and what laws (rules) would you make?

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Rachel Williams said...

These are really positive laws, Riiana. I love them! I think that it's so important to show love, care and affection for people and I really like that you would enact laws related to these ideas, if you were in power. I would definitely vote for you if you ran for prime minister.

Speaking of running for prime minister, do you think that it is a job that you might like to have? I think that you would be good at it. It's worth a thought...

Keep up the great posts! They're very thoughtful and well written.

Rachel :)

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