Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Week 1 Bonus 2: Special Meal

My favourite meal would have to be nachos and mince with sour cream and cheese! I love it because you can crush the nachos and mix it with the mince, cheese and sour cream which adds a lovely flavour.

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Billy said...

Hi again Riiana, this is making me so hungry!
It looks delicious, one of my favourite meals. It's great because you can eat it with your fingers, it does get slightly messy though.

Sour cream is always a great addition.

What would you say is your favourite sweet food?

Thanks, Billy

Riiana said...

Hi Billy! I'd say the cookie 'n' cream ice cream would be my favourite as of right now.

Billy said...

Yum, once I felt like cookies and cream ice cream but I only had plain vanilla ice cream. So I broke up some Oreos and made my own cookies and cream ice cream. It was even better than the real thing!


Billy said...

Have you ever invented your own sweet treat snack?

Riiana said...

Hey Billy! I've never thought of trying to create my own sweet treat snack.

Billy said...

When I was about fourteen or fifteen, I used to catch the bus home from high school to my dad's house. I would be the only one home for a few hours and I used to make this treat straight away. My dad would always have ice cream in the freezer, Milo in the cupboard, and occasionally lollies, chocolates or other treats. Anyway, so this is what I used to do;

Step one: get yourself a mug, a big one from the cupboard.

Step two: fill with a few scoops of ice cream.

Step three: dump a few tablespoons of Milo on top

Step four: break a few cookies on top.

Step five: add a dash of milk.

Step six: blast in microwave for thirty seconds.

Step seven: eat with spoon and enjoy

Step eight: take some Pandol for your headache

Step nine: brush your teeth or step ten will be see a dentist!

Warning: don't try this at home.

Billy :)

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