Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Week 1 Bonus 3: Fun Family Facts

Here are two fun facts about three people close to me!

Two fun facts about Leanah is that she's a very bright person. She's also an anime fan so watch out! 

During summer Jessica loves to jam out to her music and draw outside.

Last but not least is my mum. She loves to do strengthening and conditioning at Strength Tech. She loves to read as well.


Billy said...

Hey Riiana, thanks for sharing some interesting facts about people who are close to you.

Jessica sounds like she has the right idea for summer.
What would two facts would you write about yourself?

Thanks, Billy

Riiana said...

Hi Billy!

Two facts about me. One is that I'm pretty lazy and two, I love the internet a bit too much.

Billy said...

Hey, thanks for sharing! I like the internet a lot too. I often find myself watching Youtube videos for hours or watching sports highlights, T.V. shows. There's a lot out there!

What do you do on the internet?

Thanks, Billy

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