Sunday, 17 December 2017

Day 1 Week 1: Maui

I can't believe that it's already December! It's the time of year for Christmas and the Summer Learning Journey. For the first activity you have to read a story about Maui from the link provided on the website. After that you have to write three facts you've learnt about Maui.

Maui, a famous man from Maori mythology is a very interesting character. He's been on a ton of adventures, some with his brothers and others by himself. Three new things I've learned about Maui is that his character has the traits of a leader. He's a very courageous man and he's pretty sneaky. Other stories I've heard of with Maui are Maui and the Sun, How Maui got fire, How Maui brought death to people and Maui and his magic jaw bone.


Ruby SLJ said...

Hi Riiana,

My name's Ruby and I will be one of the people who are blogging with you this summer. I can't believe it's already December either! So close to Christmas!

You have some very interesting facts there and I'm impressed at how many Maui stories you know! Do you have a favourite story about Maui? What is that one about?

I think it was a good idea to include the link for the story so your blog readers can read that too. Good thinking!

You say that Maui has the traits of a leader and I was thinking about what some of those traits might be. Do you have any ideas?

I look forward to reading more of your blog.

Riiana said...

Hey Ruby!

I don't have a favourite story about Maui because each one is unique. One trait that I can think of is his determination for success. He also sees the need to help others which is a good quality of a leader.

Ruby SLJ said...

Hi Riiana,

You're right! Each one is completely unique so it is very hard to pick a favourite.

Those are both really good traits for leaders to have. Can you think of any other people you know who have those traits?

Riiana said...

Hey again Ruby!

I can't think of any names right now. It might take me a while until my brain clicks.

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