Sunday, 18 December 2016

Shots Fiyered

The spaceship was out of control and only one person can save us. His name, is Noble. HE can save us from this chaos. 

"Where is this spaceship I'm supposed to save?"
"I think near the enemies planet sir!"
 "And that is?" 
"Jupiter?" He says that with unceartainty. "So what you're saying is that you don't even know where they are!" He nods in agreement. "I'll start at Jupiter then." I sigh loudly hoping he could hear annoyance. Another rescue mission for me, yay! Not really. Lilys' team went to find any survivors from the explosion that happened on Mars. I hope no one got injured. I got in my ship and set the coordinates to Jupiter. 3... 2... 1.. blast off.

My head hurts. I look around and all I can see and smell is rubble. I touched my face and no injuries, one thing going right! Where is my crew though? I... can't keep my eyes open. Cheif?

I'm almost at Jupiter now, finally! It has been so quiet without my anime. At that moment, that's when I hear annoying beeping. "It wasn't the quite I swear!" I looked around the ship then turned towards the radar. Something was heading straight towards me and it was blocking my path! I looked out the window in front of me and "What in the name of Lily is that!" It was clearly a ship! How did I not notice that! The ship was flying straight towards mine. "Dont hurt my baby!" The ship then stopped. "What is with the world today! I'm liking it! "I am Blanc! I demand you hand over your ship and none of your crew members get hurt!"
"Did'ja kill anyone?"
"Give me the ship or else they get it!" I have to. I NEED to. I want to see lily safe and sound. "Alright! Here are the keys." I sent it to her through the teleporter. Every ship has one. "Thank you. Here is your crew! You need to come to my ship though so we can swap!" She seems completely happy? I went to her ship, she gave me the keys and left. I looked around trying to find Lily but... she wasn't there.

"This is my time to go." She pulls out a picture of her and Noble. She whispers "Remember me, please."

The End

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Rachel Williams said...

This is a very engaging story, Riiana. Is it inspired by a book or a movie that you have seen or did you come up with the entire concept for the story on your own?

I have to admit that I was pretty sad when I read the final paragraph. It's pretty upsetting to read that Lily says, "This is my time to go...remember me, please." It is such an emotional way to end the post.

Nicely done, Riiana. You've told a nice story with a clear beginning and a clear ending. I got a little bit confused in the middle of the story but I think that I figured it out by the time that I reached the end.

Thanks for sharing this fabulous story with us :)


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