Monday, 19 December 2016


We need to learn how to say some important phrases like good morning or thank you, things like that. Today we will learn five phrases.

Good morning = おはようございます Ohayōgozaimasu
Goodbye = さようなら sayounara
How much does this cost? = この費用はいくらですか?
Kono hiyō wa ikuradesu ka?
When is the next bus? = 次のバスはいつですか?Tsugi no basu wa itsudesu ka?
Where is the nearest hospital? = 一番近い病院はどこですか?
Ichiban chikai byōin wa dokodesu ka?

If you're having trouble saying any of these, try google for help.

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Rachel Williams said...

Hi Riiana,

I have to admit that it can be pretty difficult to pronounce many of the Japanese words correctly, can't it? I lived in Japan for a year teaching English in Nagano City and I still struggle to pronounce Japanese words correctly!

I like that you've encouraged others to use Google if they need some help with their spoken Japanese. One of the best resources on the net for learning new languages is called Forvo (

You can type any word that you want to into the 'Forvo' website and it will provide you with the correct way to pronounce it. I just tried typing 'konnichiwa' into the site and it worked perfectly. Feel free to try it, if you'd like :)


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