Tuesday, 20 December 2016

What I Do For Fun During Summer

During summer, I normally sit at home drawing, going to Glen Innes pools or watching tv. My favourite things to do is go over to Jessicas' house or she comes over to mine. We sometimes go roller skating and mini golf at Slyvia Park, and we sometimes go out to get a bite at Carl's Jr. Another thing I love to spin around our trampoline and plum in my backyard. I then get dizzy and go back inside then lay down on th couch. Those are my favourite activities during summer! What are your favourite activities?

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Rachel Williams said...

It sounds like you have a lot of fun over the holiday, Riiana! I love mini golfing, roller skating and swimming. I was actually thinking about taking Aronui to the local mini golf course over the week-end. He has never played before and I think that he would love it! Do you find mini golf to be difficult? Aronui is only six years old so I'm a bit worried that he might find it too hard. What do you think? Would someone as young as Aronui be able to play a game of mini golf?

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this :)


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