Saturday, 17 December 2016

Looking For A Thriller?

                                             Looking For A Thriller

Hello dear reader! I guess you came here to find an iteresting book to read over the holidays. Well, over the year I've only been reading thrillers and books that involve spirits. If you're into things like that and are trying to find more, are you in luck. I have three books I would like to introduce you too! While two aren't really books but a book series.

1. Being my favourite thriller series, The Haunting Of Derek Stones.
Image result for the haunting of derek stone This series is about a boy called Derek Stones who was with his family on a train with a few others. The train fell into a hole and only two survived. Derek and a girl called Abby who is in a coma. He couldn't hear properly out of his left ear but he could hear whispers of the dead. The dead was after him and he doesn't know why.
 Aurthor is Tony Abbot.

2. My second favourite series, Tombquest. 
Image result for tombquest
Tombquest is about a boy and is bestfriend, Alex and Ren who go on all sorts of adventures to different cities like London to save the world from death. It all started when Alex was on the edge of death. The doctors couldn't save him so his mother had to use something called The Lost Spells but that came with a cost. While she used that, she let deathwalkers escape death. After she used it, she disappeared? Can't spoil anymore.
Aurthor is Micheal Northrop.

3. Last is a book called, The Girl Who Wasn't There.
Image result for the girl who wasn't there karen mccombie This is about a girl called Masie who moved to a new house which is right next to her new school. While she was unpacking, she looked outside her window and saw a figure standing in front of one of the school's window. Masie has been paranoid eversince until she found out the truth.
Aurthor is Karen McCombie.

Hope you found new books to read!

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Rachel Williams said...

Oh, Riiana, it appears that you really enjoy reading books that come from the 'thriller' genre. I enjoyed reading your descriptions of the various books and I think that I would probably pick up a copy of 'The Girl Who Wasn't There' first. I am intrigued to find out more about who/what Masie saw when she looked out the window. I'm really curious...

Do you know if we can borrow a copy of 'The Girl Who Wasn't There' from the Auckland library?

Rachel :)

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