Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Anpanman: Rescue Friends & Escape From Giant Ant

Anpanman is a Japanese cartoon with 1320 episodes. What I liked about episode one is that is was creative, it didn't have 
someone save people from a burning building, but a giant ant! What I disliked
about it was that it wasn't the kind of style I like and the animation. 
I give it  3 stars (***) If you decide to watch the video, tell me what YOU think about
it and what you would rate it! 

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Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Riiana,

I had no idea that Anapanman has 1320 episodes. WOW! That is a huge number of animated shows. Like you, the programme is not exactly my style but I can appreciate that it would take a lot of skill to create an animated show of this style.

When I was living in Japan I found that many of my students loved the anime-style programmes and Anpanman in particular. It was a good reminder to me that we live in a very dynamic and diverse world where people have different likes/dislikes and it is important to value and respect difference.

I really like the way that you invited others to watch the Anpanman show, appreciate the style and come to their own conclusion about it. This shows me that you are able to accept and appreciate different attitudes and ways of being.

That is awesome, Riiana.

Keep up the great work!

Rachel :)

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