Thursday, 22 December 2016

If I Was One Of The Duggar Children

If you don't know who the Duggar family is, they are an American family with 19 children and have their own televiion show called 19 Kids And Counting. If I had 18 siblings, I would lose my mind! I can't go one day without arguing with my brother Frank so this wouldn't help. Everyday I would have to listen to screaming, crying, chatter, a lot of annoying noises. I would either go crazy or try to ignore the noises. The good thing about having a large family is that I would never get bored. I could prank the youngiest child, play outside games or do a reading and maths competition. A LOT of fun activities, I don't think having 18 siblings would be so bad! What do you think?

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Rachel Williams said...

Hi Riiana,

I love your positive attitude! I think that it would be pretty fun to have some siblings to play with (I only had one growing up) but I don't think that I could handle having 18 other brothers and sisters. I would struggle to find a quiet place to sit and read. I wonder what the Duggar children do when they want some peace and quiet. Do you think that they ever have any privacy? Somehow, I doubt it...


Rachel :)

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