Monday, 19 December 2016

Who Doesn't Love Maths?

After converting other country's currency to match New Zealand's, it took a few minutes to add up all the numbers. Maths is so much fun!

Australia= $826 Australian dollars
$873.79 New Zealand dollars
Japan= $147,172 Japanese Yen
$1,791.40 New Zealand dollars
Malaysia= $7,182 Malaysian Ringgit
$2,303.81 New Zealand dollars
United Arab Emirates= $7,219 United Arab Emirate Diham
$2,822.15 New Zealand dollars
South Africa= $27,296 South African Rand
$2,796.73 New Zealand dollars
Germany= $2,182 Euros
$3,263.40 New Zealand dollars
England= $1,442 Great British Pounds
$3,692.7 New Zealand dollars
Chile= $1,582,030 Chilean Peso
$3,369.58 New Zealand dollars
Mexico= $90, 664 Mexican Peso
$6,362.74 New Zealand dollars
Canada= $2,064 Canadian Dollar
$2,220.5 New Zealand dollars

Only New Zealand dollars, to travel to all these places will tally up to $33,94.9. Only New Zealand dollars again, Mexico cost the most and Australia cost the least. Thank you for reading the whole blog post, until the next one!


Robati said...

I love maths but this hurts my brain, likes gives me a headache

Rachel Williams said...

Hehehe, I like Robati's comment! This is a tough math challenge but I love that you embraced it and that you solved it.

Well done, Riiana. Mexico is the most expensive country to travel to and Australia is the least expensive, albeit still quite costly. We will have to save our pennies if we really want to go to Japan, won't we? According to the post, it will cost $1791.40 NZD for us to fly to Tokyo.

I guess that I better start saving now if I want to take Aronui overseas for his Year 8 graduation. He's about to go into year 2 so I have 6 years to save the money. Fingers crossed that I can do it!

Rachel :)

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