Saturday, 17 December 2016

Saftey On A Plane

                                               Plane Saftey

Before you go on a plane to the place you're trying to go, you need to learn about plane safety. You can go on the plane and watch a plane saftey video but learning before hand is better in my opinion. I'm here to give you 3 tips to stay safe on a plane.

1. Always keep your seatbelt on throughout the flight unless you need to stand upright.

2. Keep all devices in your hand or pocket, large or small. Any lightweight handheld devices are usable on the plane.

Last but not least, tip number three.

3. When there is an emergency, fasten your seatbelt and place your forehead against the seat in front of you. Put your feet firmly on the floor and hold your lower legs. If there is no seat in front of you or one is too far away, put one hand over the other on top of your head, elbows either side of your legs, and feet back firmly on the floor.

These tip should help you. Remember there are also safety video, so if I missed really important tis you'll hopefully find them. Until next time, bye!

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Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Riiana,

I think that you have posted three really important safety tips for us to remember when boarding an airplane. We have to ensure that we keep our seatbelts firmly fastened (while seated) and that we turn our devices off during take off/landing. We are able to switch them on once the captain has given us the 'okay.'

I was actually flying down to Nelson recently and the captain didn't allow us to use our devices because they were worried that some passengers had devices with faulty (broken) batteries that might suddenly explode or catch on fire. YIKES!

Fortunately, nothing happened on our flight and we arrived at our destination safely!

Keep up the great work with your blogging, Riiana. You are doing so well!!

Rachel :)

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