Friday, 16 December 2016

Some Basics

                                                         Some Basics

Before you go to place you have never visited before, you must find out information about that place. Like Paris is the capital of France. Some people call Paris the city of love and others call it the city of lights. Today we are learning about Tokyo which is the capital city of Japan.

From July the 31 this year, 13.62 million people have been in Tokyo. January is the coldiest but sunniest month in Tokyo. Tokyo is located in the northern part of the country. Japanese is the most common language in Tokyo. 

Hope you learned a few things about Tokyo. If you want to learn more, go search online. 

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Rachel Williams said...

Hi Riiana,

I think that we are all much better prepared to head off to Japan now that we know a bit more about the capital city of Tokyo. It's important that we learn as much as we possibly can about a country before we go or else we might accidentally leave important items behind.

I can still remember traveling to Invercargill for the first time with my family and realising, once I'd arrived, that it was 10 degrees colder in the south island of New Zealand than it was in Auckland. I absolutely froze the entire week-end that we were there because I didn't pack enough sweaters or warm layers. Yikes! I learned my lesson that day!

Have you ever travelled all the way down to the bottom of the south island of New Zealand, Riiana? It's a beautiful part of the country but (as a heads up) the weather is quite different to the weather up here in Auckland!

Rachel :-)

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