Friday, 30 December 2016

The Beatles: Eight Days A Week- The Touring Years

After watching this trailer of The Beatles I learned a few things about them. I'm going to share three things I learned about them. Before I do though, The Beatles movie is the most recent documentary of the band.

There music was never heard so they were fed up, they were looking for somewhere new. They looked after eachother like the strength of a Union. They were the top Britsih group and top records of the year.
If you're interested in that band like me after watching the trailer, go and check out the movie or go online and google them.

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Rachel Williams said...

Hi Riiana,

After watching the trailer for the Beatles documentary did you find that you were interested in knowing more about the band? They are one of the most famous and iconic groups of the 20th century and, arguably, will continue to be one of the most famous for years to come. Although they were together for only 10 years they broke a number of significant records and produced songs that are still being sung today.

Some of my favourite Beatles songs are:
1. Yesterday (
2. I Want to Hold Your Hand (
3. Hello Goodbye (

Have you ever heard of these songs?


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