Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Soccer Is My Favourite Sport

Soccer is a team sport so you have to communicate with your team. You might also get to make new friends throughout the game. Soccer also has four percent of the world's population playing soccer.

Now my opinions. Soccer seems like the most easiest sport because all you have to do is kick the ball into the goal. Whenever I play soccer, I always feel happy when someone passes me the ball so then I feel like I'm contributing. Those are my reasons for soccer being my favourite sport.

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Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Riiana!

I, too, really like soccer. It's a very fun sport although I do find it a little bit tricky. I'm still learning how to control the ball with my feet. Sometimes I get a bit too excited and I run right over top of the ball rather than stopping to control it and to kick it. I marvel at the skill level of some of the professional men and women who play soccer for a living.

Have you ever seen our national men's soccer team play on TV? They are called the 'All Whites.' You can read all about them on their website -

I hope that you're able to get outside and play some soccer this holiday with your friends and family. I'm hoping to take Aronui out to the local park tomorrow to kick the ball around.

Rachel :)

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