Friday, 16 December 2016

Exploring Japan

                                                     Exploring Japan

I'm going to tell you 5 interesting facts about Japan that caught my eye.

1. The Japanese name for Japan is Nihon or Nippon which means sun origin. 
I never thought about Japan having a Japanese name which meant sun origin. 

2. Due to power plants producing gas like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, Japan sometimes suffers from acid rain.
I didn't think acid rain could happen because of gas. That is quite surprising and shocking.

3. A guy from Japan called Osamu Tezuka known as the god of Manga and the godfather of anime created a Japanese show called Astro Boy which became the first anime TV show.
Since I know that there are a lot of anime lovers and I for one am, I think this helps expand your knowledge of anime and manga a little bit. It gives you the origin of how those two became.

4. Japan is a world leader in robotics. Japan has excellent engineers that can create human-like robots which is quite cool to a lot. 
Imagine having a friend who is actually a robot. All the fun you two could have. I would love to have a robotic friend. If my other friends are out and don't have enough time to hang out, I can play with my  robotic friend!

5. Some well-known Japanese dishes are sushi, sashimi and tempura.
There are different types of sushi and different flavours. I wonder what sashimi and tempura is! I'll go and research it.
Related imageSushi

Image result for sashimiSashimi

Image result for tempuraTempura

I'm happy you made it to the end of my blog post. That means you've taken your time to read about Japan. Hope you've learnt a few facts about Japan you didn't already know!

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Rachel Williams said...

Hi Riiana,

Wow! I have not only learned about Japan but I have also learned more about your impressions of these facts and your reactions to them. I really enjoyed reading both the facts and your responses. Thanks for including them!

Like you, I was surprised by the fact that Japan is also known as Nihon or Nippon. I was also unsure of what sashimi and tempura were when I first heard the terms but it turns out that 'sashimi' means 'raw fish' and 'tempura' is a name for fish and/or vegetables that have been deep fried in a special batter.

While I am a fan of tempura I am not such a fan of sashimi. I prefer to have my fish cooked. What about you? Do you think that you would enjoy eating raw foods?


Rachel :)

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