Saturday, 17 December 2016

Packing Time

                                                     Packing Time

It's now time for me to pack. They'll probably only let me carry around and huge bag so I have to be careful about what I choose.

Packing list:
*A hat
*My sketchbook with a pencil and rubber
*A few of my clothes that look nice
*Pictures of my friends from school

That is all that I can think of that I think is important to take on this trip. Can any of you think of a packing list for the place that you want to go?

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Rachel Williams said...

Hi Riiana,

I think that you've made a good start with your packing list. I would encourage you to also bring some money with you, a passport and a camera. You may wish to take some pictures of yourself that you can share with your friends and family upon your return.
You may also wish to bring a phrasebook with Japanese terms and a few more warm items. It is going to be pretty chilly in Japan in January. You're likely to need a hat, mitts and a coat.

Safe travels, Riiana!

Rachel :)

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