Thursday, 29 December 2016

W. O. M. A. D

W. O. M. A. D is short for World of Music, Art and Dance. W. O. M. A. D is a huge music festival held in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Singers and performers from all around the world go there. Imagine you're apart of the organising commitee for next year. Which two bands/musicians would you invite to perform? 
I would choose Imagine Dragons an American rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. The lead vocalist Dan Reynolds, lead guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, and drummer Daniel Platzman.
The second would be a musician called Shontelle. She's from Saint James Parish, Barbados. Her album Shontelligence was made from her personal experience in life. What are ths two bands/musicans would you have chosen?
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Rachel Williams said...

Hi Riiana,

This year I am hoping to go to WOMAD. I had the chance to go last year as well and I loved it! It was such a great way to learn about new, up and coming artists as well as legends in the music world from other countries who I had yet to encounter.

While I have come across Imagine Dragons before I have never heard of Shontelle. I will definitely check her out on Youtube. Do you have a favourite song of hers that you can recommend?

Rachel :)

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